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Things to remember when purchasing band instruments:

Instrument Purchasing Guide


When getting a brand new instrument check the connections where cork is, as most of the time the cork on new instruments a too big and needs to be sanded down. Make sure you put on cork grease before you try to put it together ,if this is not done the student will force it together and bend the keys .Have your teacher or someone that plays the instrument PLAY it to insure it is playable as most new instruments out of the box need to be set up to make them playable.


These instruments MUST have VALVE oil put on the valves before you play it. The valves have numbers on them , one being the closest to the mouthpiece . All the slides should have slide grease put on them. When putting the mouthpiece on, press and give it a little twist. If it gets stuck take it to the Band Director and if he/she can not help go, the the music store BEFORE you take the Vise grips to it as most of the time we pull them free.

Violins and Cellos 

These are the ones that are the most expensive and frustrating to get new when purchased at less than $200.00 as these are not set up , the pegs slip, the bridge is not fit , the fingerboard is not straight on the neck . These are very important to have the teacher look at because if the problems are not fixed the student thinks its them and not the instrument.