Instrument Quality

Because we have always considered our repair facility to be an integral part of our school service offerings, the purpose of this letter is to bring your attention to a service issue we’re now facing.

Our repair technicians are receiving an increased number of poorly manufactured instruments. In general, these products are often sold by retailers who do not specialize in musical instruments. While the price tags on these instruments are irresistible to parents at times, keeping them in proper playing condition (if possible) is a costly challenge.

Low quality instruments are commonly manufactured from “pot metal”, which is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as:

1. A copper and lead alloy, formerly used in making plumbing fixtures
2. A cast iron used especially in making pots
3. An inexpensive alloy of poor quality, usually containing lead, used especially in making castings: cheap jewelry is made from plated pot metal

Due to the comparatively low melting temperature of “pot metal”, it is very difficult, often impossible to perform repairs that include solder work. Further, the craftsmanship of poor quality instruments do not respond to adjustments for any reasonable length of time.

The bitterness of costly repair bills & never-ending performance problems remains long after the sweetness of low price. With this in mind, you have a chance to become a hero to the parents of your music students by setting minimum performance standards of the instruments in your classroom. While we will try to meet the service needs of every customer, we continue to stand behind the brands and models offered by our business as well as others that are repairable by normal practices.