Brasswinds Repair and Service

Instrument  Overhaul Est.  Chemical Clean Est. Playing Condition Est.
Trumpet/Cornet 210.00 $45.00 $15 - $35
Fluegel Horn 250.00 $45.00 $15 - $35
Trombone 210.00 $45.00 $15 - $35
Valve & Bass Trombone 350.00 $45.00 $15 - $35
Alto Horn & Mellophone 365.00 $40.00 $15 - $35
Single French Horn 625.00 $55.00 $15 - $40
Double French Horn 1,200.00 $70.00 $15 - $40
Baritone Horn - 3 Valve 500.00 $45.00 $15 - $40
Baritone Horn - 4 Valve 690.00 $50.00 $15 - $40
Tuba - 3 Valve 1,600.00 $85.00 $15 - $45
Tuba - 4 Valve 1,800.00 $90.00 $15 - $45
Tuba - Rotary 1,900.00 $90.00 $15 - $45
Sousaphone Eb & DBL Bb 1,250.00 $85.00 $15 - $45
Sousaphone - 4 Valve 1,390.00 $85.00 $15 - $45
Sousaphone Fiberglass 1,120.00 $80.00 $15 - $45

Chemical Cleaning Add $10.00 For Silver Instruments

Chemical Clean

  • Submersion of horn body, slides, valves in cleaning solutions.
  • Reassemble, re lube, oil, new corks, felts, springs as needed. 
  • Valves/Rotors cleaned, levers restrung. 
  • Mouthpiece and brass surfaces cleaned. 

NOTE: A cleaning can resolve problems of sluggish valve action slides, stuffy sound.

Treatment should not be considered a remedy for specific repair problems.

Finish and Plating Services

Valve Plating Only

Trumpet $100.00

Baritone Horn $125.00

Sousaphone $150.00

French Horn $500.00

Silver Clean Only

  • Applies to silver plated instruments, both bright silver or satin silver.
  • Horns are disassembled and cleaned chemically; internally and externally.
  • Bright silver horns are color buffed lightly, satin silver horns are scratch brushed and color buffed.
  • All are reassembled with new corks, felts and springs.
  • All slides are fit and lubricated.
  • Saxophones are supplied with new pads and corks and keys are refit.

Complete Overhaul, Removing Dents

  • Instruments are disassembled and striped of lacquer or plating.
  • All dents are removed from the entire horn.
  • Light strapping for overall smoothness and bright polishing are done and then are re-lacquered with baked epoxy lacquer unless specified.
  • All slides and keys are refit. All instruments are then reassembled as above.

Professional Model Overhaul

Work performed is held to a standard much higher than the standard overhaul. All horns are disassembled to valve section and all dents are removed. Light scratches are removed by hand and all parts are lightly polished. Worn tubing and parts are replaced or repaired to a new condition. Horns are remounted without stress and buffed to a like new appearance. High quality air dry or epoxy lacquers are applied. Silver or gold plating is available. Instruments are reassembled with only the best springs, felt, rubber washers or corks available.

Budget Overhaul

This job is offered with the store in mind that does a lot of rental or school repair business. Instruments are disassembled and finishes are striped. Major reachable dents are removed. On french horns the bells are removed if needed for dent access. On tubas and baritones the bells and first branch are removed for dent access. No strapping or polishing is done. The horns are buffed and baked epoxy lacquer is applied. All instruments are then assembled with new corks, felts and springs. Saxophones are repadded and recorked. Saxophones can be returned unassembled and are returned with springs, screws, and rods installed keys wrapped separately. Quantity discounts can be applied to like kinds of instruments. Only student line instruments qualify for this job.


We realize that you may not be able to diagnose exactly what is malfunctioning or what work may be needed. However, if you describe the problem as best you can,it will help us help you. This enables us to calculate a preliminary estimate of how much your repair will cost. All requests are responded to within 24hours of receiving this form. The final price will be determined upon inspection of the instrument in our shop. No work is performed without the consent of the customer.

***Don’t Despair Let Us Repair***